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Everyone speaks about stress, but its true meaning differs with each individual. Stress is determined by one’s ability to adapt to an exterior event. Stress can be insidious and have such diverse origins as the workplace, family, health, poverty, prejudice or violence. All is determined by the manner in which one reacts to the new situation.

When it becomes chronic, stress can lead to anxiety.

Stress is increasingly recognized as a trigger for cardiac disease. Elevated and prolonged stress can be associated with: 

To deal with stress, a good social support system is important. Speaking with parents or friends can decrease emotional load. Other resources are available if speaking to close ones is difficult. Discuss this with your physician who will to direct you to available help.

Here are a few hints that may help you handle your stress :

The fall of night is at times the source of anguish that can lead to insomnia. It may be useful to get up to watch television, read or carry out an activity that you enjoy. Without realizing it, tension and anxiety will progressively diminish. Even if you don’t sleep, you may relax.

Here are a few hints that favour sleep :

One of the best ways to decrease stress levels is to take advantage of life. Take time to do things that you truly enjoy.

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