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Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève
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Ethical chart

All medical information on this site is from reliable sources and are validated by physicians and qualified personnel.

This information does not replace a medical consultation. It does not apply to specific cases and should not be used to establish a diagnosis or intitiate treatment. It is general in nature and is made available on the internet as a rough guide.

Only a consultation with a physician enables a diagnosis to be made and treated : no diagnosis will be given by email.

All personal information sent by email or entered on the web site is confidential. It will in no case, or in any form, be sold, rented or given to a third party.

The HUG websites do not use cookies*. If this was to change, web users would be informed.
*Cookies allow users to be identified if they are to register as members.
The HUG do not sell publicity space on their website. The HUG meet the costs of development and management of their site.

Internet links are suggested as suggestions only. The HUG are in no manner involved with the content of these external sites.

Last modification on 08/04/2009